¿What is X-Turf?

Product oriented to racetracks and racing offices

It greatly speeds up daily operation

The multi-racetrack solution supports the management of several racetracks with simultaneous activity, making it suitable for racetrack networks.

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Allows racetracks to empower their management and the quality of the information they produce, improving their international positioning.

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Product oriented specifically to the racing tracks and racing office managements that allows excellence to be achieved in the services provided. 

Processing time is drastically reduced, from several hours to few minutes: race writing, racing program with past performances, racing prize settlement

Online data validation, minimizing operation errors

Business knowledge becomes an organization asset, eliminating dependency of critical staff.

High quality information, available immediately and without intermediaries, allowing it’s input in the point of origin and without paperwork

International standards: Equibase, France, WRH (X-Turf has become a regional point of reference in this topic)

Solution is Multi-racetrack and support simultaneous activity and operation management.

Statistics calculated by the system, trustable and on-line. Business Intelligence

Multiple languages and formats for Final Racing Program (past performances), Charts (race results) .. Automatic and instantaneous generation, printing and exporting.

Helps racing office stuff to organize administrative processes, generates “organization processes culture”

Resource optimization and operations costs reduction

Flexible and adaptable to various racing track scenarios as Uruguay, Argentina, Panamá, Brazil.

Supported by IT Professionals  with racetrack business know how.

Thirdly party systems integration: TV system, tele-timer, ERP system.


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Current and historical information for all horses


Owners, jockeys, trainers, breeders, veterinaries, grooms

Race conditions

Race conditions with multiple criteria, data validation

Entries and jockey signing

Horse entries and jockey signature

Race writing

Organizing entries for each candidate race

Final Program

Owners, jockeys, trainers, veterinarians, laborers.

Racing Statistics

Multiple statistics online, open database

Race management

Manage everything that happens before the start

Race results

Online input, manual or automatic

Purse settlement

Purse distribution for payments and export data to ERP systems

Additional components

Additional functionalities provided by X-Turf

Horse veterinary and health record, vaccine and medication history (web)


Horse training information, record and printing


Mobile App (Android, iOS) (Final program, results, statistics, data sheets)


Web self-management module (registration, jockey signing, training data)

Implementation and deployment model

Large experience guide us to effective implementations
Onsite consulting and requirements gathering
Product configuration and adjustement
Training, data migration & integration
Product lunching
Monitoring, support and maintenance

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